Rum is produced in over 80 countries worldwide, but our exposure to these incredible rums are pretty limited in the UK. Many of the bottles we do try are a blend of different products, or are spiced, flavoured, heavily sweetened, or all of the above. And while some of these can be great, there’s a whole world of rum to explore!

Each month we’ll explore a different country, sampling five rums from as many distilleries and/or indie bottlers as we can to get as broad a representation from each country as possible. We’ll include as many different styles as possible to highlight different production methods, age statements, cask types, price points, and (dare we say it) terriors to really get a feel for each national style.

You’ll also get a welcome drink on arrival, and throughout we’ll delve deep into the history of each nation and their rum production, placing them within the historical context of rum making across the globe.