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Stir, shake and muddle some delicious drinks on one of our interactive cocktail making experiences!

If you’re looking to learn more about the history of cocktails, or if you just want to get together with friends and share some tasty treats, we have the event for you!

Find out more about our experiences below, or check out of Group Bookings page if you’d like to organise a private cocktail class for your group, hen party, or Christmas party.

history of the sesh


Our brand new cocktail club combines a history lesson with a cocktail class – find out where some of your favourite classics and modern classics came from and how to make them!

Each month we’ll feature a different time period or topic such as Prohibition or Tiki/Tropical, and shake up the drinks that defined that era, while learning about the historical context and cultural legacy of each month’s topic.

You’ll get to sample five cocktails throughout, including shaking up two of your own.

choose your own cocktail adventure!


Ever been to a cocktail masterclass where you didn’t like the spirit used in the drink? We have the solution – choose your own!

Join us for a cocktail adventure where you choose the base spirit – if you love gin and your friend loves vodka, we can all get a drink we love!

Our expert mixologists will create three drinks that will work with a variety of spirits and give you the ingredients you need the shake them up – all you need to do is pick your favourite base from our selection and add however much you want.

Perfect for groups with different preferences and for controlling how much booze goes in your glass!